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Perdi mi movil y me mandaron otro por correo de una forma rapida y eficaz.Se ha perdido la costumbre de felicitar los cumpleaños,navidades,etc por carta.¿ cada se escribe menos y se lee poco .?

Lei este articulo,que me  hizo pensar en esto.

Os recomiendo que leais el sobre gongora

ver este blog

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Uncocuddy -

I just book marked your blog on Digg and StumbleUpon.I enjoy reading your commentaries.

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I'm not to familiar with converting movie formats, mostly I've 'Converted' movies from original discs, not from downloaded files. Tools used were RipIt4Me, DVD Decrypter/DVD Fab Platinum, VOB Cleaner, Srink 3.2, Image burn::: or previously, any of the other ' 1 Click ' methods.
So, I'm familiar with .VOB files, know that they make DVD's that are playable on stand-alone players, and as far as I'm aware, the .avi format does not make a DVD player compatible piece of media. ( VCD??? never tried it)
SO here's the run down and you may be able to point me in the right direction::
I have a 1.54GB music file, stated by the uploader to be in xVid format; turned out to be .avi.Movie play-time is 2 hrs, 19 minutes.
I used TuneBite Converter Platinum v.5.0.355.30 (equipped with LAME 3.98.2 Codecs) to convert movie format to Xvid 2048kbs. Took ages and end result is a file that still says its in .avi format, complete with the colourful Hot Air Balloon pic. The file size ia still 1.54GB. Cool so far??
Unhappy with this result, I then used 'Power Video Converter 1.5.57 to convert it to MPEG2 DVD(PAL). This took mega- ages to finish.
Opened the created folder and in there are 3 sub folders. ALl have the name of the music movie,but Audio is in one of them, A soundless movie of some 4GB in the other, that plays the full 2hours 14minutes, and the third folder contains a 2GB file , that has sound but only plays for 39minutes.
Also, the on-screen pic ( on computer played in Windows Media Player 11)) is only about 3x2 inches in size. No way can I make it go full screen or any other option in between.
I have never used TuneBite or Power Vid Converter before, as I said earlier.
So dear folks, what have I not done to produce a burnable DVD to disc???
Conversely, what have I done to screw up.
The novice asks the elders.

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Gracias por venir al bloggellon.
He puesto una crónica y fotos en:

unjubilado -

Yo en la mili escribía una o dos cartas diarias, ahora hace bastante tiempo, con el teléfono me apaño y desde que he aprendido esto de los e-mails los utilizo con la familia cuando quiero mandar una foto.